10 Tips For Catchy Ads Thumbnails Creation

Updated on September 9, 2021

In this article, we will cover useful tips for catchy ads thumbnails creation. When it comes to grabbing your viewer's attention, a great thumbnail is key. A good video ad thumbnail can be the difference between an engaged user and someone who just scrolls past your content. Here are 10 tips for catchy video ads thumbnails that'll grab your viewers' attention.

1. A Great Video Thumbnail Should Be Clear And Catchy

Make sure that there's nothing obscure and unclear about the image – including your company logo, so avoid using poor resolution thumbnails. Not only should your thumbnail have a high-quality video within it, but the entire frame is also important. Make sure that there's nothing obscure and unclear about the image – including your company logo, so avoid using poor resolution thumbnails.

2. Use The Right Font In Your Video Ad Thumbnail

Captions and other fonts all speak to the audience – so keep it simple, but make sure you're using fonts that people recognize and are familiar with. If you want to be bolder or more attention-grabbing, then stick with a font color that doesn't overwhelm your content. Make sure you choose the typeface that's going to complement your video ad and its message – don't make it overpowering.

3. Make Specific Use Of Color In Your Video Thumbnail

Color can have a great impact on your video ad thumbnail – but only if used in the right way. If you want to grab attention, then use a bright or vibrant color that'll stand out against the white/grey background. If you want to make your video thumbnails look professional, then try sticking with a simple black and white scheme (it doesn't have to mean boring, though).

4. Choose A Video Ad Image That Has Aesthetic Appeal

Include aesthetics to capture your users' attention – but don't overdo it. See what grabs them the most, and then throw in small touches that make the ad look professional. A good thumbnail is about balance – so don't distract too much from the main focus of your image.

5. Capture The Action In A Video Ad Thumbnail

If your video is fast-paced or has some kind of movement within it, consider showing that in the thumbnail that you create. It might be a video of someone in action, or perhaps just one simple shot that conveys movement. Either way, make sure to grab the viewer's attention with images and clips like these.

6. Size Matters – Use The Right Dimensions

If you're taking a photo and deciding how to crop or capture it, think about what size it'll be when you upload it as a video thumbnail. You need to make sure that the dimensions are correct so that your image will look good once it's uploaded – and won't come out blurry or distorted. There are some great online tools for taking the right dimensions – just remember that you don't want an image that looks stretched, so check the size and shape before and once you upload it.

7. Keep Your Video Ads Simple And Clean

You're not trying to sell a complex product or service here, so focus on making something clear and easy to follow. Don't get too complex with your video ad thumbnails – keep them clean and organized, so that people will have a good idea of what's going on without being confused or frustrated. Make it easy to see what they're getting into right from the start, and then encourage viewers to click with text and images that match this style.

8.  Make Sure You're Aligned With Your Target Audience

Make sure that you're aligned with your target audience. If you can get the right things to match up, then people are more likely to watch your video thumbnails and connect with them immediately. Think about how they want to be represented by their own social media profiles – and if possible, use them as a starting point for what you'll use in your video ad.

9. Make A Video Thumbnail Image Out Of A Screenshot

It is one of the easiest ways to make a catchy video thumbnail by using screen capturing. Just make sure that the image is clear – otherwise, people might think you have bad quality videos or don't want them to see what's in the actual video. Upload high-resolution versions of your video thumbnails whenever you can, so that people know they're going to get top quality. It could be even more useful to blend two different frames from your video, to make your thumbnail even more attractive.

10. Don't Forget About SEO With Video Thumbnails

Last but not least, make sure that you're including SEO keywords in your video thumbnails. If people are going to find these videos, then they need a way to quickly understand what the video is about – and this can help clear up any confusion right away. Social media sites often pull information from not only the video itself but also the thumbnail – so if it's going to be visible, make sure it's clean and well-organized.

You should always put the best foot forward, whether that means putting out a video that's going to help people learn more about your company or one that's going to increase brand awareness. Keep these tips in mind whenever you're designing a video thumbnail for your business, and soon enough you'll be able to use it as a successful marketing tool.

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