7 Most Useful FCPX Shortcuts For Faster Video Editing

Updated on September 8, 2021

Did you know there are more than 100 keyboard shortcuts in FCPX? That may seem like a lot if you're new to video editing but don't worry - in this article, I will share the most useful FCPX shortcuts for faster video editing! With these shortcuts mastered, we guarantee your projects will be more streamlined or productive! Let's get started optimizing your Final Cut Pro X workflow by the most useful shortcuts.

Keyboard Shortcut: Shift + D (Duplicate)

This shortcut will instantly duplicate your selected element - no more CMD+C and CMD+V. It's a quick shortcut to have on hand and is bound to save you some valuable time when working on your next project! 

Keyboard Shortcut: B (Blade tool)

This keyboard shortcut will cut your motion graphic element or video clip at the playhead location, allowing you to quickly create a new title for an edit point or just cut out a portion of your element. If you want to trim the tail end of your lower third, add a fade in or remove some dead space from your clip, this is the quick way to do it.

Keyboard Shortcut: R (Range Selection Tool)

The range selection tool is a quick way to select only part of your title or lower third. Without using the range selector tool, you'd have to highlight your entire title before moving it around or changing its duration on the timeline.

Keyboard Shortcut: CMD + R (Retime)

This is a great way to add some cinematic flare to your videos or simply speed up and slow down the duration of video clips and titles so that it fits perfectly into your scene. The re-time tool allows you to set your starting and ending points, making it easy for you to create a speed ramp too.

Control-S (Expand audio)

The Expanded audio shortcut will allow you to separate and see a more detailed view of the audio track so that you can work more effectively. You can then rearrange the order of separate items and apply effects to them without affecting the other elements in your timeline.

Keyboard Shortcut: H (Hand Tool)

The Hand Tool allows you to easily navigate in the timeline up and down, left and right. Simply click and hold the left mouse button down while moving your mouse around. This tool is incredibly useful for searching layers on the fly without having to go back and forth between your keyboard and mouse! However, if you have an Apple Magic Mouse or trackpad, this feature may not be as beneficial because these tools make your editing experience very convenient, but it is still worth knowing the meaning of this button.

Keyboard Shortcut: A (Select-Arrow Tool)

And, finally the most basic, but at the same time the most frequently used tool. This shortcut is perfect when you want to come back to the main tool after cutting some elements. You can do so by pressing the A key and you won't lose your playhead location or timeline position. We recommend memorizing this shortcut for quick access if you're in the habit of switching tools throughout your editing process.

We hope these Final Cut Pro X keyboard shortcuts make your workflow more efficient and improve your work experience. If you seek for more FCPX optimization tips, here is our big time-saving article that could help you work more efficient. Happy editing! We suggest writing down some of these shortcuts that you found the most useful on sticky notes, then temporarily attaching them on the monitor corner as a constant reminder, this way you will memorize shortcuts quicker and your editing process will become faster. Also, feel free to share your favorite FCPX keyboard shortcuts too. We would love to hear them in the comments section below. Best of luck with your next project!

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