7 Online Video Editor Apps That You Should Consider In 2021

Updated on October 6, 2021

There are many choices available when it comes to choosing a good online video editor, so we have compiled a list of the top 7 apps that you can use for editing your videos. What separates these apps from each other is how powerful they are and what they offer in terms of functionality. So, without further ado here is our list!

1) WeVideo

WeVideo is a comprehensive online video editor that you can try for free, and it offers a premium paid version as well. With the app, you can add music from YouTube or your own library to accompany videos with great soundtracks. Additionally, it provides a large variety of filters and effects with which users can edit videos in a unique way.

But before starting editing your video on this program, you should keep in mind that during the trial period you can't export your video.

2)  Videoshop

We all know Photoshop, but how about Videoshop? An app that is different than the rest in our list. Videoshop provides users with many options for adding texts and images to videos. This can be useful if you want to add information about your brand or special content at the beginning of the video. It also allows edits to be saved as presets, which makes the process easier.

However, it does not provide users with other features for editing videos like video effects or transitions. This app is for smartphone users, so if you looking for an online app that you could open through your browser, it is not the right choice.

3) Magisto

You can open any video from your device or Facebook and apply effects to it. Magisto is an example of a simple online video editor that you can find on the internet.

It is best suited for advertisement videos since it has a partnership with iStock library. You can also easily add filters to your videos on this app, making them more attractive. Magisto is a good choice if you want to quickly edit a short clip, but if you have more complex requirements, it might not be the best one.

4) Flexclip

This video editing app is also great for social media managers looking for quick edits. You can add any video footage or pictures from your device or stock libraries and quickly add new clips, text, music, etc. Flexclip is easy to learn, and also has more advanced options if you want to edit videos in a professional way. But there is some disadvantages too, for example it will not work with your Firefox browser, so you will need a Google Chrome or Edge. Well, it is a less known app on the market, but it is definitely worth trying!

5) Clip Champ

Another great online video editor with a user-friendly interface! It works not only on browsers, but on mobile devices, so it is mobile-friendly too. Clip Champ provides users with many options for editing videos - you can use their free version to try these features or upgrade to the paid package if you want more features.

However, the free edition allows you to create only 480p videos, so I would say it's quite useless; therefore, if you want to be able to export higher resolution exports as well as limitless storage, audio library, and other advantages, I recommend purchasing a paid version of this video editor. Overall, Clip Champ is a great choice for beginners and amateurs who want an easy-to-use app without having to pay a fortune for professional editing software!

6) Wideo

Another one online video editor app on our list that you should definitely try. This app doesn't require your credit card to try out the app, so it's very easy to get started right away! Additionally, you will not have any resolution limits if you will try to export. The only limit in the free version is that you can make your videos up to 1Min length and you will get 50Mb storage. Apart from that, you will have all the features of a paid version. Therefore, this is the best choice if you want to create short clips quickly and easily online.

7) Fastreel

Last but not least is VideoScribe, an online video app that will help you create unique videos. You can import any pictures or images from your phone or computer and start creating a video without much effort. Worth to mention, that this video editor has a free version with a watermark. So if you want to create videos without a watermark, I recommend purchasing the paid version or skipping this video app. Overall, this is application is very easy to use and universal, but it might be not the best choice if you want to create your video for free.

That's it for our list of the top online video editors! Remember, you can try all of them for free, so if you don't like any of these apps, you should not have a problem finding another suitable one on the internet. We hope our list was useful to you and we wish you good luck in editing your videos!

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