8 Steps To Have A Better Portfolio Website For A Filmmaker

Updated on September 6, 2021

Filmmakers are constantly trying to find new ways to distribute their films and/or get additional funding for their next project. One great way is by creating a website that shows off your work.

A filmmaker's portfolio website should have four key features: showcase some of your work, provide contact information, include any awards or accolades you might have achieved, and display a link to your IMDB page.

Some filmmakers might also want to include a blog or video demo reel, but those features are not required for your site to be effective.

1) Showcase some of your work

If you have made any films, even if they are just short films no longer than 10 minutes, you should display some of them in your portfolio.

They do not need to be award-winning films, just something that will grab the attention of your viewers and show them what kind of work you are capable of producing.

You can also include videos from other sources as well, such as trailers for movies that are similar to the type of films you create.

2) Provide contact information

It is important to include your email address so that people who are interested in working with you can get a hold of you. It can be as simple as joey@joeystuff.com or some other catchy phrase that relates to your company name, but it should make it easy for viewers to contact you.

You can also provide information on what types of rates you charge and if there are any additional fees associated with your services to be transparent about how much things will cost.

3) Include any awards or accolades

If you have won an award, whether it was at a festival or something else, include it on your site so that people see how you have worked throughout the years to be successful.

You can include a brief description of what the award was for and when you won it, just make sure not to go overboard with information. You also want to make sure not to fake any awards or accolades that you haven't actually earned.

4) Include a link to your IMDB page

Having an IMDB page is not required, but it helps tremendously in terms of marketing and networking. If you have an IMBD profile, include a link that will direct people to it so they can check out some of your work and see who else you might know.

You can also include a link to your personal website or Facebook page if you have them.

5) Add any additional features

There are a lot of different features you can add to your site that will help it stand out from the rest, but make sure not to go overboard by adding too many bells and whistles.

Some filmmakers choose to add a blog where they can post updates on their projects or information about what's going on in the industry.

You can also add a video demo reel if you have one, but make sure not to include too much footage so that it doesn't take up too much time for people to load.

6) Keep it simple

Remember to keep your site simple so that viewers are not intimidated by it. If you haven't made an award-winning film, do not add this to the homepage as many people will immediately dismiss your work and leave before they even see what you have created.

You want people to stay on your site long enough to view a couple of your films or projects and see how you work, so stick to the basics and limit what you put on the site.

7) Make it easy to navigate

Make sure that your website is easy for people to navigate.

You want visitors to find everything they are looking for without having to search around too much. This can be done by adding categories or a search bar that will allow visitors to find what they are looking for quickly.

8) Never use false information

Do not include information on your website that is misleading or false in any way, shape, or form.

If you haven't done something, don't say that you have, and do not list awards if they have not already been awarded to you. You want people to trust your work, so make sure that they know they can by providing accurate and truthful information on your site.

If you follow all eight steps listed above, then you should be well on your way to having a great filmmaker's portfolio website! Remember to keep things simple and focus on the features you need most rather than going overboard with bells and whistles.

You want viewers to be able to find everything that they are looking for without having to search too much, so make sure that your site is easy to navigate.

By following the steps listed above, you should have a great filmmaker's portfolio website in no time!

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