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Updated on October 4, 2021

Videographers are always looking for ways to become more efficient in their workflow. As a videographer who has used many different video editing softwares, I am excited to share with you the best plugins for FCPX. It is my favorite video editing software, and I believe that these plugins will help you get your job done faster and easier!

They are plug-ins that offer additional features that many times overlap the capabilities of Apple's built-in plugins and sometimes add additional features that FCPX lack.

When selecting the best plugins for FCPX I looked at how widely used they were, their price point, and most importantly how well they worked for video editing software. While this list contains many different FCPX plugins, it is not an exhaustive list of every plugin available. There are other great options out there but these are my top picks based on use case scenario, price point, and effectiveness of what they offer to video editors.

1) Auto Tracker V2.2 by Pixel Film Studio

Pixel Film Studios is a company that specializes in creating professional video editing plug-ins for FCPX and offering them at an affordable price. Auto Tracker is one of their best plugins for FCPX. It is built to automatically analyze footage and identify objects in the video. From there you can place tracking markers on any object and they can be replaced with an overlay. Some examples of an overlay are your logo, custom text, or any image. It is very simple to use and does not take much time at all!

Pixel Film Studio Auto Tracker V2.2 Price - $39.95

2) FCPX Split Screen

This is another FCPX plugin by Pixel Film Studios. It is great for creating split screens without the hassle. To use this plugin, simply drag the plugin into your timeline, bring up the effects control panel, and adjust the parameters. You can also choose the number of columns/rows you want your split-screen to be made up of. It is incredibly simple to use.

FCPX Split Screen Price - $29.95

3) mPuppet by Motion Array

MPuppet is a great FCPX plugin if you are looking to add some animation to your video project. If you tried After Effects Puppet Pin tool and you liked it, then you should definitely try out Motion Array's mPuppet. The developer offers both a free trial version and paid license for this plugin so you can try it before committing to purchasing it.

mPuppet by Motion Array Price - $99

4) Cinema Grade

Color grading is something that is very important for any video project. Cinema grade color grading plugin by Color Grading Central offers features like lift, gamma, gain, saturation all the way to advanced controls like curves and HSL's. The plugin also has options for exporting LUTS, vectorscopes, and many more functions and it works not only on FCPX, but also with programs like Premiere Pro, and DaVinci Resolve, so if you plan to use these programs in the future or in addition to FCPX, it could be really worth to grab this plugin.

Cinema Grade by Color Grading Central Price from $69 to $199.

5) Cinemagraph Tool by Pixel Film Studio

And last, but not as bad as other plugins by Pixel Film Studios, Cinemagraph is perfect for an image where part of the image moves, but the rest of it remains still. It can create really wonderful effects on your projects and can be used in many different projects like weddings, nature shots, or even real estate videos. The plugin offers many great features for animating images such as creating a loop with no visible seams and control points for positioning the animation effect.

Pixel Film Studio Cinemagraph Tool Price - $39.95

I hope you found this list useful! You should definitely consider these plugins if you are looking to take your video editing game up a notch. If you used any of these plugins, please let us know your opinion on them in the comment section.

Best of luck editing and thanks for stopping by and reading our blog!

Until next time!

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