Best Templates For Adobe After Effects

Updated on September 22, 2021

Post-production is the most important part of any video production. It's what turns raw footage into a video clip or movie which can be easily watched by people. This is why the editing process of any film is usually quite time-consuming and labor-intensive.

There are various kinds of software available in the market for post-production purposes, however, Adobe After Effects has gained wide popularity because of its extensive functionalities. It may take quite a long time for editing purposes but it is worth the effort.

The templates available in Adobe After Effects are even more helpful for beginners since they can use these ready-made templates and add their own footage to make something wonderful on their own by combining both.

So let's now waste any time and start with:

Videolancer's Transitions | Original Seamless Transitions Pack

With 2300 dynamic and seamless transitions, you'll be able to take your videos from plain and boring to visually interesting in no time. Whether it's a slideshow, trailer, or promo video for clients, or even creating an entire film project – these professional effects will make any product stand out!

VoluMax - 3D Photo Animator

Capture a photo of your subject and apply VoluMax 6 – an easy-to-use Adobe After Effects plug-in that will bring it to life with 3D motion effects.

Capture images using the plugin's one-click capture tool - you don't need any studio setup or complicated keyframes, but 1 image is all it takes for this powerful piece of software.


The whole project is designed and developed with passion, attention to detail, and not even a single compromise from the quality. From the back end to its UI, all content has been prepared for users with unique experiences that are unlike anything on market yet.

Simple Logo Reveal

This is a captivating logo reveal that brings out your brand in an artistic way. It's minimal and uses the trendy "soft UI" design technique. This template is easy to use and edit, so you can create intros for vlogs, openers, or corporate slideshows with it!

Graphics Pack

Make your video stand out from the bunch with free, high-quality graphics elements. Fast render and easy to edit in After Effects or Premiere Pro without any plugins! Use it for a website banner, social media post cover photo, movie poster - anything you need is possible! 600 sound fx included too so that you can add audio if needed. Free font link provided as well as HTML ​library file which will allow anyone using this tool to easily customize their project even more than ever before!

AE Face Tools

AE Face Tools is a package of presets, that will expand considerably the features of standard face tracking from After Effects. These tools can be used to track faces without smartphones and neurons!

Youtube Channel Kit

With this After Effects template, you can create a clean and urban promo with minimal effort. The video tutorial is accompanied by a voice-over on the English language so it's truly easy to use. There are also modern and elegant animations that will make your final product really stand out!

Colorful Product Promo

Easy to use tools for creating the opener for any kind of video promotion ad.

Urban Fast Intro

Urban Fast Intro is the perfect addition to any video project. It can be used for inspirational and motivational videos, YouTube videos, social media sites like Facebook or Instagram, sports events like football games or boxing matches; you can use it with your favorite game too! You could even add images of yourself in action if desired.

The possibilities are endless when using this simple template that's well organized so changing text will take only a minute while dropping in new audio won't require much effort at all either!

After Effects is a powerful tool to create animations, motion graphics, and visual effects for films. With it, you can do so much more than just change the color of someone’s shirt or make their hair blow in the wind!

It has many features that allow you to animate anything from people to animals with realistic movement, generate 3D animation without any modeling skill required, create text animations like lower-thirds or title cards that are perfect for TV shows and movies—even use your webcam as an input source.

Good luck using templates and start creating now!

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