Can You Edit Video On iPhone?

Updated on October 17, 2021

Are you a YouTuber or an aspiring one? Do you want to edit your video footage before uploading it, but don't have the money for an expensive desktop computer? Have no fear! Nowadays, there are lots of ways to edit video footage on your mobile device such as an iPhone. Here's how:

Can you edit/create videos on your iPhone?

There's a cool new app called FilmoraGo that has changed the world of editing and creating videos on mobile devices. Gone are the days where we need bulky computers and thousands of dollars worth of equipment to create and edit our videos.

All we need is our smartphone and this amazing app: FilmoraGo iPhone

How does it work? What can you do with it?

FilmoraGo works with both photos and videos. It allows you to create and edit any kind of media on your mobile device, even if the device is offline! So, if you're at a theme park or traveling somewhere far away from civilization, don't worry about having access to the Internet because you'll still be able to use this app as long as your phone has some battery life left in it.  This makes Filmora such an awesome choice for YouTubers who travel all over the world and want to share their adventures on their channel.

  Other features of this app include:

- Timeline editing

- Animated titles and transitions - Over 40+ free video filters/FX/textures 

- Add music or sound to your videos

- Adjust the volume of your video/audio

- Ability to share your clips on all social media platforms, including YouTube!

What can I use FilmoraGo for?

So you see that FilmoraGo is a mobile version of iMovie. So if you're familiar with the interface of iMovie then this app will be very easy to navigate and learn how to use. You can even import projects from iMovie into FilmoraGo to work on them later.  The possibilities are endless with this amazing editing app! If you want to learn more about all the features available in this app, check it out here!

 Anyone who wants to make better videos without investing in expensive equipment should give this app a try and see what you can come up with! It'll be so much fun to use and your videos will look even more professional.

Do I need special software or editing skills?

FilmoraGo is very easy to learn and use, even if you don't have any video editing experience. Even without any video editing experience, you'll be able to make great-looking videos in no time with FilmoraGo. And if you want to find out what the best mobile apps for YouTubers are, click here!

 So basically, with FilmoraGo iPhone, anyone can make great-looking videos and share them with their friends and family (and the world!) on social media platforms such as YouTube.

This means that you are not limited to just sharing your videos on social media, but also have the option of making money from them by adding advertising to them! If you want to learn how to make money from your videos, click here!

 FilmoraGo makes it easier than ever to edit and create any kind of video content including family memories, music videos, and more. So basically if you want a professional-looking video with minimal effort or costs involved, FilmoraGo is definitely for you! This will change the way you film and share video footage forever.

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