Can You Make A Living As A Filmmaker?

Updated on October 10, 2021

As a filmmaker, the most important thing is to pursue your passion. You want to find out if filmmaking is what you want to do with your life or if it's just a passing interest. But how can you tell?

One way of testing out whether filmmaking is something that you should dedicate yourself to is by finding other people who currently make their living as filmmakers and asking them how they do it and what advice they would give someone looking into trying it for themselves.

This will be the main topic of this article: I will present some common ways that you can try to make money in filmmaking and finish off by giving my own opinions on the subject.

The first way of making money in filmmaking (or in any art form) is by doing something that can be considered a job: working for somebody else and getting paid. One of the most common jobs in the area of filmmaking is being an assistant director. This position is focused on making sure everything goes according to plan during the shooting process, including allocating resources such as equipment, staff, and locations.

The next kind of job that would suit somebody who wants to make money in filmmaking is directing commercials or music videos. Commercials are just TV adverts but they normally have much bigger budgets than normal TV shows because the companies who advertise want to get guaranteed exposure over a short period. Music videos are very similar but usually involve one well-known pop artist instead of a brand.

In addition to these two full-time jobs, it can also be common for filmmakers to earn money by doing any of the following: creating video presentations for businesses, writing scripts for TV shows or feature films, working with film crews on productions outside of their normal job (e.g. weddings) and taking part in research projects about online film communities or new media.

If you want to go down the route of filmmaking but don't want to do anything like actually make movies then having a career in related areas such as screenwriting, producing, or camera operating might be better for you. A good place to start would be finding your nearest university's film studies course signing up for that; this will provide you with an education in filmmaking and allow you to make contacts.

One of the more interesting ways of making money in filmmaking is by becoming a high-level film dealer; this means finding rare, expensive scripts before they become valuable (e.g. drafts that never got made into films) or buying up copies of old movies when no one else has heard about them yet (before they became famous). This can be risky because there's always the possibility that someone might steal your idea and beat you to it but if you're successful then this can be one way of earning a lot of money from your passion for filming!

The final way I will look at is to make money as a filmmaker online – this is a fairly new kind of job but it is growing more popular every day. There are several ways that you can do this: the first (and most obvious) is by making your videos and putting them up on YouTube or Vimeo; another way is by blogging about filmmaking techniques through sites like Medium or WordPress; another option would be to become a filmmaker on Patreon where users pay an amount each month for special access to exclusive content; finally, one website that I often see filmmakers use to start businesses in filmmaking is Kickstarter.

That's it! These are some different ways that you could potentially make money in filmmaking but the most important thing in my opinion is not how you're doing it, but why… if you love it then you should be doing it no matter what. It might take a while for you to get anything out of your passion but if you want to make films, don't let anything stop you!

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