How To Earn Money As A Video Maker (On Youtube)

Updated on September 5, 2021

Every video maker wants to make money with his videos. There are many ways a video can earn you money and it's always better when you get paid for something you love doing. It is easier than ever before to make money on YouTube, so if you have the creativity and talent in making videos, then there will be no looking back.

The first thing you have to understand is that there are many different ways in which your videos can earn you money from YouTube. Some very simple guidelines must be followed if you want to earn good money from your videos. The guidelines have been given below:

You need to have a decent amount of views on your YouTube channel. If you have 0-25 views for all your videos, it is unlikely that any company will want to work with you.

However, having around 30-50 thousand views for each video would be the most preferred choice.

Offer an affiliate program

Well-known brands and companies should offer you an affiliate program for your video. All you have to do is mention the name of their product in your video and when someone buys it, you make a certain amount of money out of that sale.

There are thousands of companies that provide such programs. You can look them up online or just search through YouTube to find some good ones. For example - Amazon Associates.

Be a business partner

There are many companies out there that produce a wide variety of products. They may not have the market or will to sell their whole product range and hence find it beneficial to have a video maker promote their product for them. This way they can get more customers through your channel. If you happen to be that lucky, then you could earn a lot from this single deal.

Post sponsored videos

Many companies offer good money to popular video makers in exchange for their posting a video about their product, service, or website on YouTube. This is the easiest way of earning with your videos because there isn't much you need to do other than just speak positive things about that brand and post the video on your channel.

Participate in a contest

Many companies and brands run contests with prize money to be won. You may be required to submit a video as the entry for the contest that supports their product or service. If you win, then not only will you get the monetary value of the first prize but also some free products or services from the company.

Promote a product through your video

If you have the right kind of audience, then companies will approach you to promote their product in your video. This way they get more views and customers for their product which means that it benefits them.

You also get some money or free products for this; it's always beneficial for both you and the company.

Create a tutorial for their product

If the company is big enough then they may have some products that not many people know about.

In such a case, you can get paid to create a tutorial video about their product which would mean more views and exposure for them.

This way you can generate a lot of money with your videos.

Create your own products

If you can create a product that will provide value for your customers, you can easily create that. It can be LUT's, templates, merchandise, etc. However, it requires a huge amount of creativity and vision to make this idea work. If you are not into that, then look for some ways to earn money through your YouTube channel and make yourself rich someday!

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