How To Keep Yourself Productive As A Freelancer Video Maker?

Updated on September 5, 2021

Freelancing is an exciting and promising job, but it can be difficult to stay productive when you don't have a boss looking over your shoulder. If you're struggling with maintaining your productivity as a freelancer, try these tips that are guaranteed to help you stay on track in this demanding field.

1. Set Daily Goals

It's crucial to set daily goals and aim for meeting them each day if you want to stay productive as a freelancer. For example, tasks such as making personal connections with potential clients online could be considered a daily goal.

Make sure to measure your success by simply asking yourself how many contacts you made that day.

If it's too difficult for you to keep track of, try using a product such as Doodle.

This simple web-based tool allows you to set up meetings with potential clients and track how many times they responded to your requests.

2. Start Early

The earlier you start on a task, the more time you'll have to complete it without feeling rushed or overwhelmed by other tasks that are piling up. If you have a deadline, always aim to get at least half of the task done before it's due because this will require less work on your part during crunch time.

3. Create an Outline

Creating an outline can be extremely helpful in staying productive as a freelancer and is simple to do with just a piece of paper and pen.

Start by creating an outline that includes the steps you'll need to take to complete a task, followed by listing the possible issues or roadblocks that could get in your way, and then finally writing down how you can overcome those obstacles to reach your goal.

4. Find Someone Good at What You're Bad At

Yes, there are indeed certain tasks you might be good at as a freelancer, but there is also likely to be something that you struggle with.

This is the time when finding someone who can do this task for you will help your productivity greatly. For example, if you aren't very tech-savvy and a client needs their website updated, simply hire someone to do so.

5. Avoid Multitasking

Multitasking can be a useful tool for staying productive, but it should only be used if you're able to multitask effectively.

If you're bad at multitasking, avoid trying to do more than one task at once because this will likely lead to either purchasing unnecessary equipment or making mistakes that could cost you money.

6. Create a Routine

Creating a routine for yourself before starting work each day can be extremely helpful when trying to stay productive as a freelancer. After all, it's easier said than done when feeling overwhelmed with assignments or tasks because you don't have someone there telling you what your next steps should be.

To make things easier for yourself, simply create a routine that allows you to sleep and wake up at the same time each day and eat meals on a consistent schedule.

7. Know When to Stop

As tempting as it might be to work long hours to complete projects quickly so you can move onto the next one, staying up until 2 a.m. isn't going to help you stay productive as a freelancer.

In fact, it's likely to have the opposite effect and cause you to be even more tired throughout your day because of lack of sleep. Limit yourself to working for no longer than eight hours each day so you can remain both energized and focused on completing tasks.

8. Create a To-do List

Creating a to-do list may seem simple, but it's often something that people overlook when trying to stay productive as a freelancer.

However, you should always ensure that your to-do list includes at least one five-minute task if you want to avoid overwhelming yourself by thinking about the countless tasks you have to complete.

9. Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

As a freelancer, it's understandable that your work is extremely important to you and not always something you want to hand off to someone else for various reasons such as cost or the idea of losing control over your project.

However, delegating certain tasks can be extremely beneficial for your productivity as a freelancer and allow you to focus on the tasks that only you can complete.

10. Communicate With Your Clients

This is especially important if you're working with a client from another part of the world or even a country. Make sure to communicate with them through email before starting any projects so you have a better understanding of what they need.

This will help you avoid any miscommunication issues and keep your productivity at an all-time high.

11. Don't Be Afraid to Say No

Saying no doesn't always have to be a negative thing and can actually save you time, money as well as give you some much-needed downtime.

Saying no to your clients can give you more time to focus on things that are important and more likely to help you achieve your goals and remain productive.

12. Reward Yourself

Rewarding yourself as a freelancer is often overlooked when trying to stay motivated, but it's extremely important when it comes to staying productive.

Whether this means getting a cup of coffee when you reach an important milestone or just spending a few minutes browsing social media, it's extremely important to take some time for yourself and relax as needed.

13. Utilize Your Skills

It's easy to put off projects for clients that are out of your comfort zone because you don't have the skills necessary to complete them.

However, utilizing your skills as a freelancer can help you stay productive because it allows you to get much-needed practice and keeps your morale high.

This will also allow you to bill for more hours each day because of your increased productivity, which is something that all freelancers want.

14. Create a Schedule For Your Clients

Creating a schedule for your clients, especially if they're located in a different country or part of the world, is beneficial when it comes to being productive because it allows you to stay on top of their work and ensure that deadlines are met each time.

Utilizing a system such as Basecamp can help you create a schedule that works best for both you and your client and keep you both on track.

Freelancing can be challenging because it involves a complex process of human behavior and cognition.

But you should keep in mind that, you need to take time off not to burn out.

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