Is It Worth Putting Subtitles In Your Ad Video? [2021]

Updated on September 2, 2021

So you are thinking to put subtitles in your ads? And you are thinking is it worth putting subtitles in your ad video?

The short answer is YES.

And the reasons are...

Subtitles for your ad videos are meant to help those who might not be able to understand the language or hear what you have said on your voiceover.

Creating subtitles is easy. After all, you do it every day when reading a book, watching TV, or searching for something on YouTube.

Subtitling can help search engines index your videos better, make them more accessible to the hearing impaired, reach a wider audience and even support multilingual brands. So creating subtitles for your ads is essential!

However, you have to be careful about how they will look in the ad. You want subtitles that are short enough, yet you don't want to make them too long as they will distract from your core message.

And it is a good idea to position the subtitle on vision if possible so that they are not covered by any CTAs and such.

Each ad should be treated individually when it comes to subtitles. You can start with something simple like white text on a black background and then move on to full color if there are no issues with your budget.

The type of product you advertise is also crucial when it comes to subtitles. If there is some kind of technology involved in the ad, it might be best not to put any subtitles at all.

You may want to let the core message, usually delivered via the voiceover, speak for itself.

How to Create Subtitles?

There are many ways to create subtitles for your ad video. If you already have your voiceover recorded, it might be easiest to do the subtitles at the same time, so that timing is consistent and with the right length in mind.

However, if you want some kind of custom text or font added to your narration, it might be better to change that text in subtitles afterward.

Depending on the editing software you use, subtitles can be made directly in a video editor or added to an existing video as a separate text track with some kind of software.

You will also find special tools online that allow for easy subtitlings, such as Subtitle Workshop. If you are looking for just the right font, you can find them on Google Fonts.

Modifications and Improvements

Subtitles for your ad videos should be seen as a part of the overall project. Depending on the total length of your video, it might have some fundamental changes to make.

For example, if your original idea was for a 15-second ad video, but subtitles are going to take up more than 1-2 seconds, you might want to extend the video length and make a full 30-second ad.

Alternatively, if your original idea was for a 60-second ad video, but you feel that 15 is enough to get your message across, but without any subtitles at all, you may want to shorten your video and keep the same length.

The point is, you have to think about subtitles as a part of an ad video, thus do not extend or shorten them just for the sake of it.

If you feel that 15 seconds are necessary with subtitles, don't drop the whole idea because you need to take some time to record those texts.

Subtitles for your ad videos can be a great tool to reach more customers, even if they are not avid users of digital advertising.

Give them a shot and feel free to adjust the length of your video and subtitles accordingly, according to what feels best.

Try this simple experiment - record yourself making an ad video with voiceover only and time it.

Then record another video with subtitles and try to keep them as short as possible in comparison. After that, try editing both videos side by side and decide which one you feel is better for your message delivery.

Subtitles are a powerful tool to help achieve the full potential of an ad video!

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