Tips For Filming With iPhone

Updated on September 14, 2021

Filming with an iPhone is a great and affordable way to document your life. The camera quality of the latest iPhones is amazing, and it's surprisingly easy to start filming with one.

Whether you're watching friends at a concert or simply documenting your exercise routine, there are many ways you can use filming with an iPhone to capture special moments.

Here are some tips for filming with an iPhone:

Shoot horizontally – Hold the phone in landscape mode (turn it sideways) instead of portrait mode (where the buttons on the side face up). You'll see more and avoid "letterboxing" (the black bars that appear during widescreen playback) by shooting in which results in wider videos that look better when rotated into landscape mode.

Use more than your iPhone – Sometimes your phone's camera is better for filming than a more traditional video camera, but you can use other devices to film with too.

Try using a GoPro or other action camera if you're doing something that involves movement and risk – you'll get great footage of the activity itself and your reactions as well!

Don't forget your tripod – A tripod is an affordable and helpful tool to use when filming with an iPhone. It will steady your shots so they look professional, even if it's just laying on a table at home.

What you can film with iPhone?

Film pets – Your cats and dogs are always running around, so why not try catching them on video with your phone?

Track exercise – Instead of buying expensive equipment to track your workouts, use filming with an iPhone and a YouTube channel like AthleanX to get in shape without the hassle.

Create content for social media – You can use your iPhone for creating content for social media like answering questions, etc.

Document your life – When there's no one else around to film with an iPhone and document your memories, be sure to film

Record concerts – Concerts are a great time to film with an iPhone – you can capture all of the action and share it with friends who couldn't attend.

Document memories – Next time your friend gets married, use filming with an iPhone to capture their big day so you will never forget. You'll also be able to relive the special moments over and over again!

Document travel – Filming with an iPhone is great for recording road trips and adventures both in the United States and abroad. It's also a handy way to keep up with friends who live in different parts of the world if they're unable to visit often.

Don't use the digital zoom! While it can be tempting to zoom in when filming with an iPhone, this decreases video quality quickly and drastically. Instead, simply move closer or use another device such as a GoPro if you need more range.

While filming with an iPhone is surprisingly easy, some settings might help your videos look more professional.

Recording Options: Try using the "1080p HD" or 4k setting for high definition video and "Auto-Exposure" to keep things bright.

You can also use the grid feature of Camera+ if you want to make sure all your lines are straight before recording (it's built into this free app).

Editing: Take advantage of your iPhone's editing features by choosing the best shots during playback.

If you're not planning on doing any extra editing, try filming horizontally so it won't be stretched when you rotate it afterward! Once you've finished shooting, upload it to youtube or Vimeo for easier sharing.

Remember, even if it's just filming the family pet or recording your friends at a party, filming with an iPhone is easy and can be used in lots of different ways. Just try out these tips for better footage!

When in doubt, simply play around and see what works best for you!

It might be a good idea to keep your phone in "aerial" mode (where it looks like a circle instead of a rectangle) if you plan on filming with an iPhone while wearing it.

Experiment with different angles and techniques to get the best results when filming with iPhone.

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