Travel Videographer Equipment In 2021 | 7 Type Of Gear That Is REALLY Useful

Updated on October 14, 2021

Video gear is constantly evolving, and in this fast-paced world, you can never be too up to date on technology. But, despite that, there is a lot of worthwhile video equipment types on the market that can help you make high-quality travel videos.

In this article about travel videographer equipment in 2021, I will not write about exact equipment models, because this is constantly changing. Instead, I will focus on what type of gear could be perfect for your next travel, and I will skip useless items. Everything is based on my own experience!

My favorite, and what I consider, really useful equipment on each trip:

1) Camera

Let me start with the most obvious one - the camera. My first advice for shooting travel videos is to get a camera with a big enough sensor, flippy screen, and preferably IBIS. It might be surprising for you, but a camera with a good IBIS system makes a huge difference. You can shoot literally handheld, without any additional rigs or supports, which is really very helpful in the shoot-and-go situations (trust me, there is a lot of them when you travel).

I personally, using Fuji XT3, which is without IBIS, unfortunately, but, for that reason, I shoot only with lenses that have OIS. If you decide to get a camera model without IBIS, make sure it has at least 4K 30fps option in addition to Full HD 60fps or more, for slow-motion options in post-production. Slow-motion in the post-production stage can help smooth out a big part of the jitters and make your trip video more pleasant to the eye.

If you already own a Fujifilm camera, you can check my blog post about the best Fuji travel lenses.

If you decide to go with an action camera instead, I'd say it is a really great decision stabilization-wise, but keep in mind that in addition, you should get at least a compact or cheap mirrorless camera with a telelens, it is very helpful and adds another "dimension" of look.

2) Camera Stabilizer

A camera stabilizer (or IOW gimbal) is another great option to have during your trip. If you decided to go with only an action cam, and you have a newer one, I wouldn't recommend getting a gimbal, because action cameras have a mind-blowing stabilization on their own. Otherwise, consider getting a small and compact gimbal for your camera, and don't forget that you need to take some time to learn how to film with these, so don't expect the best results from your first shoots.

3) Microphone

This one is frequently overlooked, and sometimes it is a huge mistake. First, you have to consider what type of travel videos you plan to shoot. Is it vlog type? Maybe it will be more similar to documentary videos? Or maybe even without a sound? If you plan to go with vlog-type travel videos, consider getting a small shotgun mic on top of your camera, or a lavalier mic.

If you want to shoot travel documentaries (or travel series) you could take into consideration a good separate recorder. But if you just plan to film your story, put some music on top, and share it with your friends on social media, don't waste your money and time searching for an additional mic!

4) Lens

For travel videos, honestly, I really don't recommend taking more than 3 lenses. Sometimes I go with just one telephoto lens and carry an action camera in addition, so it helps me cover both wide and closer shots.

Make sure your lenses have the same angle of view. If you use a telephoto with a wide-angle, or vice versa, it is very likely that your videos will show weird perspective distortions.

Also, I recommend you to find out what are the most common lens mounts for video equipment on your future platform (Vlogging camera or

5) Laptop

Yes, it could sound a bit crazy, but I used to travel with a Mac mini instead of a laptop. And despite the fact that it was small in size, I had some troubles from time to time to book stays with a flat-screen TV in order to be able to connect my computer and work with it. Now everything is changed, and I traveling with my M1 Macbook - it is obviously more convenient.

So, I hope you can learn from my experience, and if you consider other options than buying a laptop as a travel videographer, I'd recommend for you to think twice.

The last thing you should consider, but still very important - always take enough SD cards or some kind of external storage like SSD's, because you can easily run out of space if recording in 4K or high frame rate footage.

6) Drone

Everyone likes to view aerial footage (if it is not too much on it in the travel video), so I definitely recommend getting one if you have spare money. Unfortunately, they are quite costly, if you looking for an acceptable level of footage, but prices are going down every year, and now it is easier for us to purchase a decent drone. If you are on a budget consider taking used Mavic Pro (1) or Mavic Air 2. I wouldn't recommend buying any entry-level drones, since their cameras are not on par, they have poor signal, or just have some trouble flying against stronger wind.

7) Monopod

The last thing and I would say is not a crucial part of your trip is a monopod. You may ask, why not a tripod instead? Nah, I wouldn't recommend bringing a tripod to your trip. Just imagine that you need to shoot something, and you extend all these legs one by one, it takes a lot of time.

They are also taking more space and are heavier in most cases too. While a tripod is great for shooting travel videos and having smooth footage, it sometimes isn't very convenient to carry around all the time everywhere you go. Monopod solves that problem. Don't consider going with a regular one though, look into getting a carbon fiber one and make sure it is small in size.

I'm sure you've already discovered how many items you don't use while traveling. You don't need another item that you will not use, so pick only the most useful ones.

I believe that with this article I covered the most important things that every traveler-videographer should consider before departing for his trip! If I have missed something, please feel free to share it in the comments!

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