What To Avoid While Making Youtube Videos | 5 Youtube Success Tips

Updated on September 24, 2021

As a multimedia tech grad who worked on successful Youtube channels, I've seen some common patterns in their operation. So I feel ready to share with you what to avoid while making youtube videos. If you want your videos to be watched and enjoyed, make sure you avoid these mistakes. Here is a list of the 5 most common mistakes people make when creating new videos for their channel.

1. Not putting effort into the video content itself

This could sound obvious, but it is the most common mistake. Even though many people watch videos on youtube, it is still an internet platform, and your viewers want quality related content. This means that you have to put effort into your videos if you don't want them to be lost in the millions of other videos available. Try to make your video look neat and organized so people can actually focus on what you are saying or showing, instead of being distracted by a bad video or audio quality, messy appearance, etc.

2. Not having decent thumbnails

The first thing that people see when going on youtube is the video's thumbnail. This is one of the most important decisions you have to make before publishing a new video, as this will be your first impression on your audience, and it can determine whether or not they click on your channel or not. Some of the YouTubers I have worked for hire a professional graphic designer to create catchy thumbnails. If you don't have a nice thumbnail, you are basically missing out on many potential viewers. Make sure not to skip this step if you want people to watch your videos.

3. Not having an attention-grabbing video title

Just like the thumbnail, the title of your youtube video is something that will determine whether or not users click on it. The thing about titles, though, is that they have to be interesting enough to make people want to click on the video. If your title is too generic, not descriptive of what happens in the video, or just plain boring, it can prevent you from gaining views and new subscribers. One simple trick you can use is to include something that will trigger people's curiosity. For example, if your video is about a new product you have made, try to include the main ingredient or what it does, so people can click on it and learn more.

4. Having a poor intro

The introduction of your video has to be short and clear. If it is not, people will most likely skip the intro and quite possibly even your whole video. Try to keep it up to 10-15 seconds long and make sure that you include information that you want your viewers to know, such as the name of your channel and what your particular video is about.

5. Not having a good microphone and appropriate lighting

Bad lighting on a video can be very distracting for viewers, and it usually makes everything look unprofessional and uninteresting. If you use lights, make sure it is soft and doesn't create too many shadows on your face. If you film in natural light outdoors, try to film in the morning or evening because of the "more friendly" sun position.

Also, no matter how interesting your video is and how good the lightning will be, the bad sound will probably make it unwatchable. Make sure to not record the audio directly from your laptop, but instead plug in an external microphone (and make sure it's turned on) if you plan to film yourself.

The main thing to keep in mind is that you want your viewers to enjoy watching your video, so don't waste their time with bad content that only wastes their time. Make sure you stand behind what you are trying to say or teach others, so they will trust you more and most likely want to watch more of your videos.

Here were my 5 tips on avoiding mistakes when making a youtube video. YouTube has become one of the most popular platforms for content creators and, therefore, an important source of income. It offers a whole new world for people who enjoy making videos and sharing them with others. Still, at the same time, it can be quite difficult to set up and maintain a good channel that will gain enough popularity to "break-even" with your monthly/yearly expenses. There is a whole process behind what makes a youtube channel successful, and not everyone can easily navigate through it.

By following these simple steps to avoid making mistakes while creating a youtube video for your channel, you will increase the chances of your channel becoming popular. If it helped, feel free to share the article so more people can find out how to avoid mistakes when making successful youtube videos.

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