What You Should Consider Before Publishing Your Video

Updated on October 12, 2021

Are you thinking about making a video? It might seem like an intimidating project to take on, but it's incredibly popular, draws attention to your company, and provides a unique perspective that text can't offer.

Before you start recording in front of the camera though there are some things that you should consider to maximize your chances of success with publishing your video content online.

1. Video length

Many companies make the mistake of not giving their video enough time to shine because they try and fit too much information into a short amount of time. The shorter the better is a good rule-of-thumb for creating videos as people have limited attention spans online - even if they're watching something interesting!

2. Think about how it will be viewed

You should keep in mind that on a website your video will be competing for the reader's attention with other videos on the page, articles, and images. A great way to make sure your content stands out is by making it as concise as possible - nobody wants to wade through long videos on a news site!

3. Audio is just as important as video

One often overlooked aspect of putting together a good video is using good audio. But since not every recording environment allows you to use professional microphones consider purchasing a clip-on mic.

4. What you're aiming for

Think about what exactly you want your viewer to take away from watching it and try and convey that message. Whether it's sharing information about how to do something, demonstrating a product, or giving viewers an inside perspective on your company.

5. The finished product

Once you've got all the footage that you need, don't just throw it into YouTube and call it a day! Spend some extra time to polish up the video so that it looks nice - this will be your face to the public so make sure you look good in front of the camera!

6. Promote your content

Now that you finally have a completed piece to show off online it's time to tell everyone about it. Post links to your video on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc., embed it into your website's blog posts, send emails promoting the new pageview-grabber, etc. The more people that see it, the more successful your video will be.

7. Follow up with future content

Videos are a great way to get people to return for further updates in the future because they can become much-shared content when viewed by many people. So make sure you do what you can after releasing the initial video content to build off of its success and keep building your online audience!

There are many things to consider when releasing your video content to the public for consumption. It needs to be concise and should provide a unique perspective. Remember it will be competing with other videos, images, and text on a page so it should stand out to get views and success!

Make sure you're recording good audio with the best equipment possible. And lastly, promotion is key - post links everywhere, send emails promoting it, etc., so that more people view it! Once your amazing new video hits the online world watch its views skyrocket!

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