Where To Find The Best Video Editing Freelancers In 2021

Updated on October 13, 2021

Companies and individuals will have an even harder time finding the best video editing freelancers in 2021 for theirs needs because there are a lot of differently skilled editors now. There are a few reasons why this is going to be a bigger problem than it was before, and one of those reasons is the fact that there's a huge number of people looking for work as a video editor right now – which means more competition between freelancers looking to get the job, so it is more difficult to find the best ones.

You may wonder, why is this happening? And the answer is simple. The industry for video editing has grown exponentially in recent years, also during the pandemic situation, many video editors decided to quit their jobs in favor of being location independent.

However, the biggest competition is between novice video editors and it could be really hard to find an experienced editor for your project. Here I will list the places where you could find a good editor for your projects.

1) LinkedIn

It is almost always overlooked as a place to post jobs, but you can find a lot of skilled video editors from around the world on this site. Some people could think that it is not worth posting job posts here because too few video editors searching for a job here, but it is not true. Actually, there should be quite a good chance to find a skilled and experienced video editor here.

2) Video editing forums

It is another unexpected place to post jobs, but it is another good way to find an experienced video editor. There are many popular video editing forums online where you could find some talented freelancers. I suggest trying the FCPX forum or Creative Cow as those are probably the biggest ones out there. All you need to do is start a new thread asking for help and wait for replies. You can also specify that you are looking for an experienced film or video editor instead of someone who just started working as one.

3) Video production companies

If you want to find a video editor for long-term cooperation, you can try contacting some local video production companies. If there is no such company in your area, you could always try looking up the one in a different country and asking if they have someone who does video editing for them and what their pricing would be. You could also ask them if their video editor would be interested in doing other freelance editing jobs.

4) Freelancing sites

Another good way to find talented freelancers is by signing up for some popular freelancing websites like PeoplePerHour, Upwork, or Freelancer. Those are very popular places where you can find any kind of freelancers for your projects. More detailed information about these websites I wrote in another article.

So, what do you need to look at before hiring a video editor?

Experience is the first thing you should consider – how long he or she has been working as a freelancer and how many jobs have they completed during that time. Be aware that there are people who claim to be experienced but they are actually just beginners who decided to work as a freelancer. Make sure you get references from them, you can also contact their former clients for feedback about their services.

Another problem is that many companies are looking to hire not only a video editor but also someone who can handle the entire post-production process. Finding people who have knowledge in every other field apart from video editing can be a really hard task.

If you have an upcoming project, keep in mind that it is always better to find a variety of freelancers who could work for you in different roles instead of looking for just one person who would be able to do everything for you. You will get a higher quality result if your team includes people with different skills.

In the end, finding a skilled video editor will still depend on luck and on how well you can describe what exactly you are looking for. The more specific you make your requirements, the more likely it is that an ideal candidate will contact you.

Good luck finding a great editor!

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