Where To Get Clients As A Freelancer Video Editor (10 platforms)

Updated on September 6, 2021

If you are looking for ways to find clients as a freelance video editor, here is a list of the top ten websites that can help you make money editing videos.

1. Craigslist – you may have heard of this already, but I just had to include it on my list because freelancers use it all the time. Make sure your ad is complete, and post a way for people to contact you. Craigslist is free.

2. Fiverr – this site lets people browse for freelance services offered at $5/service. The great part is that it's completely free to sign up and browse services, but you do have to pay if you want your gig advertised on the website.

3. Etsy – create a profile for your video editing services and start making money as a freelance video editor.

4. PeoplePerHour – complete profiles get more attention because freelancers can browse projects that match their skill set on this website. You must pay to open an account but there is no cost per hour when you work online.

5. Freelancer – this website provides a huge freelance market for those who are looking to make money in the video editing industry. You can create your own campaigns or bid on jobs you find that interest you.

6. Behance – this website allows you to join a community of freelancers and post video editing jobs, or search for projects that interest you.

7. DesignCrowd – provide graphics or illustrations in addition to your video editing skills by making money on this site as a freelance graphic designer.

8. Guru – similar to Freelancer, this site allows you to create bids on jobs or complete projects for money as a freelance video editor.

9. YouTube – advertise your services on popular social networking sites and join different groups that are looking for services that you have to offer. If people like your work and think you're trustworthy, they'll hire you!

10. Upwork - this is a popular website for freelancers to find jobs and complete projects related to video editing. If you want to be listed with top-rated freelancers, you'll need to pay a fee per bid or project but there is also no charge to browse opportunities.

Be aware that when people view your profile, they can tell if the account has been active recently or if it has been dormant for a while. This is why it's important to keep your account updated with current information and activity, so you look like an active freelancer.

The following are some things you may want to include in your video portfolio:

- samples of your past work (if you have any)

- data on the number of hours you've spent working on videos, and what type of work they were for. If the work is for a select group of customers, note this.

- your current hourly rates and/or bid prices

- examples of your creativity and problem-solving skills

- details about other projects or clients that you have worked with in the past

- any other skills you may have, even if they're not related to video editing

Remember that this portfolio is something you will be sharing with potential new clients. Make sure it's polished and professional!

Keep in mind that there are many more ways to make money as a freelance video editor from home. If budgeting for your income is a worry, make sure to check out my previous article on how to budget your income as a freelancer.

That's it! You should now have some great information and resources to find clients as a freelance video editor, or start making money from home with another creative skill.

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